About Us

WAY WAY WAY Back in the day! Old pictures I found from a couple decades ago at my parents’ old roof tile factory in Las Vegas NV.

Being in hiatus over the last few years has given me the chance to search for the soul of SCS.  After taking on a life of it’s own on the day that my first few customers tracked me down through word-of-mouth.

Aside from demand for my products, there is an even larger demand for my support and guidance, which is why I mostly ran SCS as an open source company.  Freely sharing information has allowed me to develop dozens of new products, but without making a profit.

Anyone who has known me over the last 15 years will agree that I am obsessed with R&D.  My team has to literally pull me away from most of my projects.  My obssesion with R&D has been a costly blessing and a curse at times.

Now that the US economy is stronger the opportunities are buzzing around like they were before the 2008 crash, at least relating to manufacturing stone veneer.  I personally feel it is time to take a risk to reach for the goals that I created for SCS.  In order to focus on our existing clients and projects we are implementing the following steps immediately:

  • We will not be available for new customers over the next few weeks/months.
  • Existing clients/customers can place orders, with extended lead-times, for the next few weeks/months.
  • When available, we will offer the public in-stock molds for sale via our mailing list, with no minimums.  Join our mailing list to be notified when in-stock molds become available.

I thank you to those of you that stuck with us through the good times and the bad times. I also want to send gratitude to those of you that have been trying to order over the last few weeks.  I wasn’t sure which direction I was going to go until now and I wish I could have told many of you sooner to save you the trouble of waiting for nothing.

I’m not sure how long SCS will be in this phase, or what SCS will evolve into over the next few weeks and months. I am excited to be taking the challenge head-on and I look forward to sharing the wealth with those of you that are ready for it.

Happy stone making : )
John “Shawn” Romant